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Remove Negative Energy & Entities From Your Mind, Body & Aura

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I have created this meditation for Empath's, Lightworker's and sensitive people as I've noticed recently how many people have been affected by negative energy. This can include the negative energy of other people but also the negative energy from astral energy, which can sometimes be attracted to Lightworker's because of the life force energy which they emit. The truth is that we are all powerful and have the energy of the Creator within us that can shine away any darkness, but we have not all awaken to the understanding of the power we truly have yet. This meditation can help you to clear away negative astral energy and help you to stand in your power. It has also been created to create protection and healing by working with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. Here are some of the words and affirmations I've used in the meditation, in case you want to write them down. You can use them on their own, at any time you wish.

"I am a powerful light being" These words have been used to affirm to yourself that you are a powerful light being, it empowers you to step into your power and to be strong in who you are. It's good to use if you sense any negative energy around, whilst also using a bubble of protection around your body. Remember that the bubble of protection you use can be expanded to however far out you wish, keeping negative energy far away from your aura. You can also use this in the dream state if you ever feel the need. "I command that only pure, loving Christ energy is connected with me, I command that all lower energies are now released from my mind, body, spirit and aura for the highest and greatest of good" The word 'Christ energy' is also what some may refer to as 'God energy' or a higher power. You can change this to your preferences as it is about the intention of bringing through the pure loving energy of that we are all created. I've tried to use words that resonate with as many people as possible although I have always found that God/Christ/higher energy is the highest vibrational energy of all, which dispels all darker energies. Through using the words 'for the highest and greatest of good' you are doing this with pure intent and it also ensures you are working within the universal laws and with love and light. "I break all negative connections that may have been formed and which are not serving me the highest and greatest of good, I stand only in the light and love of the Creator. I command that all lower energies now leave my energy field, and so it is"

Through breaking all connections that may have been formed, you are breaking all agreements and contracts made with lower energies. Often entities and other astral beings can manipulate people into giving them permission to enter their energy field, as most of the time for a being to enter the energy field they have to have permission (this isn't always when your concious but can be in other states, such as when you're sleeping). These words break this and do it with the highest of intent. Commanding that energies leave your energy field, is showing your will and your choice to not have lower energies around you. Even lower energies are under the universal laws and they have to obey, the Angelic realm will help to reinforce this if necessary. The main effectiveness of this meditation is the amount of belief you have in your own power! A couple of other tips for clearing negative energy are also- Grid your bed with black tourmaline (4 pieces, one in each corner of your bed) Use salt around your bed and doorways, and affirm as you do this that only positive energy will pass through Call Archangel Michael if you ever feel negative energy hanging about around you, he will help to clear this away I hope this helps, wishing you all the best!

Many blessings to you! Music is "Garden Music" with thanks to Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Photos are thanks to “Yoga Pose Means Feeling Posture And Poses” by Stuart Miles “Yoga Pose Means Enlightenment Meditating And Feel” by Stuart Miles “Turquoise Sunny Background” by Serge Bertasius Photography “Blue Sunny Background” by Serge Bertasius Photography PLEASE NOTE THAT MEDITATION IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT. IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY KIND OF MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES, PLEASE SEEK PROFESSIONAL ADVICE FROM A QUALIFIED PRACTITIONER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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