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This meditation is meditation music only and includes relaxing theta binaural beats with beautiful nature sounds. Theta binaural beats can also help you to drift off into a lovely sleep.


There are different brainwaves that we experience throughout the day-


40 Hz Gamma waves Higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, and consciousness

13–39 Hz Beta waves Active, busy thinking, active processing , active concentration, arousal, and cognition

7–13 Hz Alpha waves Calm relaxed yet alert state

4–7 Hz Theta waves Deep meditation /relaxation, REM sleep

4 Hz Delta waves Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness


As you can see above, theta brain waves play a roll in the early stages of sleep which is why this music is great to help you fall asleep and this is also helpful if you're wanting to reach a deep sense of relaxation or meditation. It is also thought to help with creative thinking. It is also great if you're wanting to develop your intuition as the sound waves will help you to be in a state spiritual awareness therefore helping you to be aware of your senses and energy.


Theta binaural beats are sound waves and the frequencies are merged with the music to enable your brain to connect with these and therefore produce more theta brainwaves. There are many studies which have been shown how theta waves have a positive impact on our wellbeing which includes lower stress levels, creative thinking, clearer thinking and many more benefits.


You can listen to this music for free anytime at YouTube here-


This music is 1 hour long.

MP3 Theta Binaural Beats Nature Music For Deep Meditation, Sleep & Relaxation

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