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The aim of this meditation is to release feelings, emotions, trauma or experiences that you need to let go of including those which are deep within you and may be causing you physical, emotional or mental problems in life. The release may be effective on the first meditation but you may also need to use ongoing self-healing to help dissolve longer term problems that have been with you for a while. During a healing I was receiving, I had this information come through in a vision as a way of deep healing and felt guided to share it as a meditation- At the core of each emotional, spiritual, physical or mental problem is a seed, the moment or experience when this problem was created. If left it can grow (similar to a tree with roots) and this can become a problem within your energy field, which can manifest as a physical, emotional or mental problem, this is the image I use in this meditation to help you heal on a deep level.


Empaths and Lightworkers can be particularly sensitive to taking on the emotions and energy of other people, which can cause longer term problems, so it is advised that you do energetic cleansing and clearing at least once a day to ensure you are looking after your spiritual wellbeing.


This meditation is just under 12 minutes long. You can listen to this meditation for free before purchase on YouTube here-

MP3 Release Deep Emotions, Experiences and Trauma From Your Mind, Body & Soul

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