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I've created this meditation to help you discover ways of protecting your energy. The meditation includes different powerful protection methods that you can use, either all together or individually.


These include the following-


  • Using a mirrored ball around your body to reflect negativity This is a method I've used allot during life, particularly when I'm going into a very negative situation. I've found it's very effective at reflecting any unwanted energy
  • Pillar of light This is the highest and most protective energy of all, the energy from the Creator. In this meditation we use it to bring into the energy field to keep your aura and spirit at a high vibration. This helps with reflecting away lower vibrations.
  • Cleansing and grounding I've included a quick cleansing of energy and grounding as both of these are important when it comes to energy protection. It's a good idea to cleanse your energy regularly, so that keep your energy centres clear and healthy which makes you more resilient against negativity. Grounding will help your energy to flow well and anchor your energy to earth, so that you stay in balance and protected.
  • Guardian Angels We've all got Guardian Angels, but we can also request more from the Creator if we feel that we need more protection.

    I've also used Theta sound wave music in the background to enhance a deeper state of meditation for you.


This meditaiton is just under 9 minutes long. Before purchase you can listen to the meditation free on YouTube here-

MP3 Powerful Energy Protection Meditation With The Angels & Theta Music

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