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This guided meditation has been created as a way for you to be able to send out healing to the earth, people, situations, animals and the plants. With so many different situations happening on earth, it can sometimes feel overwhelming for Lightworkers and Empaths, as we very often feel the pain of the earth and the trauma that people and animals are going through on an extremely deep level, yet feel powerless to be able to make a difference on a wider scale.


This meditation will enable you to make a difference by working with the energy of the creator, the life force universal energy of love, and sending it out to where it is needed on our earth! This meditation will help you to connect with the divine light source from the Creator and energy of spirit, which we all naturally have a connection with.


This energy can create deep emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing. You are not bound by your human body and as an eternal light being you really can make a difference with the light you shine out! As we all start to send this energy out to the earth, collectively we can truly make a difference and see our world become healed, moving us into a higher vibration and therefore creating more peace and harmony. I have also included a part in the meditation, where you can direct this healing energy to people, animals and situations that you personally know and a part where you can also absorb the energy for your self.


I have also used Theta background music to help you reach a deep meditative state which will assist the healing process. These theta sound waves will help you to be in a state of spiritual awareness, so you are able to sense and direct this powerful energy.


Many blessings to you and thank you for taking part in this world healing meditation!

MP3 World Healing Meditation With The Angels

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