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As a light worker, empath and sensitive, you may find that through your life you've taken on the energy of other people, and because of your highly developed sensitivity you've also experienced emotions on an extremely deep level. Because of this, you may be suffering from feelings of being low, lacking in energy or a general feeling of tiredness due to the accumulation of energy that you've built up through a whole life time. This stuck energy can also make you feel as if you're unable to move forward or do what you truly desire within your life, often people may feel stuck because of this.


This energy meditation has been designed to help you with releasing this built up energy, to promote self-healing and wellbeing. It is advised that you do the meditation as and when you feel emotional or energetic blocks, or you can do this once a day for a week.


Healing is an ongoing process and you may find that as you progress with releasing issues that are currently a concern, new ones appear and also need releasing. You have the power within you to release this energy, you can be your own healer!


Have faith that you are already healed and always visualise the life force energy running through you every day in all situations.


This meditation is approximately 10 minutes long.


Please note that this meditation is available to listen to free on Youtube before purchase here-


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Infinite Perspective Kevin MacLeod (
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MP3 Energy Cleansing & Releasing Meditation For Empaths & Lightworkers

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