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I've created this 5 minute meditation as a way for people to ground their energy quickly and effectively. It's important to ground your energy regularly, especially if you are an empath or lightworker, because very often you may find you're connecting with the higher spiritual energies and to create energetic balance you need to ground your energy with the earth.


To do this meditation it is recommended that you sit in a seated position either on a chair or on the floor, so your feet or tail bone can connect with the earth. For increased connection you could do the meditation outside if you have the ability to do so.


Some of the benefits of grounding include- -Increased spiritual protection -Increased physical energy and healing -Energy flows effectively through your energy field -You will feel more able to manifest your thoughts and ideas into form -Improves and maintains physical and emotional health -You will feel more balanced It's recommended that you do a grounding meditation every day, especially if you do spiritual work of any kind or if you have a high spiritual vibration.


This meditation is 5 minutes long


You can listen to this meditation for free on YouTube which I would advise for you to do before purchase-

MP3 5 Minute Grounding Meditation

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