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Twelve Signs That You May Be Ungrounded & Tips To Help You

Some of the common signs of being ungrounded include the following-

1) Dizziness, feeling light headed, a floaty feeling or feeling spaced out

2) Loosing track of what you're saying during a conversation 3) Loosing things regularly 4) Forgetting appointments you've made or other important dates 5) When you're driving you forget where you're going 6) Feeling tired, drained and lacking in energy and enthusiasm for life 7) Feeling sensitive to noise and light 8) Continual daydreaming 9) Feeling quite anxious and nervous in situations 10) Feeling clumsy and unable to function in the physical world properly 11) Feeling unable to take action on your dreams 12) Feeling disorganised and unable to focus When you are awakening to your souls purpose, your energy may be changing to a higher vibration and grounding is important for you at this time. The benefits of grounding are many, and living in the physical world as a light worker you will find that doing this regularly helps you to maintain balance and clarity within the world around you. Some people may be more naturally grounded than others, but I know for me that grounding is something which has to be done daily. Through grounding your energy regularly, you'll find that the inspirations you receive from your Guides, spiritual helpers and Angels are more easily channelled and brought into the physical plane.

You see it is like an energy circuit, the energy comes in through your crown chakra and then that energy needs to be grounded into the earth. Energy can also flow from the earth up through you, and staying grounded helps to regulate this energy flow through your body and energy centres, so that you can stay balanced and well.

Do you ever find that you have so many wonderful inspirational ideas in your mind, but you never quite manage to bring them into action? This could be because you need to ground more regularly, as if you're too floaty and ungrounded, you may find that it's harder to manifest your dreams and desires. It is important that after any spiritual work you do, that you ground your energy. Here are some steps to help you in the process-

1) Go for a walk and connect with nature I find that this is one of the most powerful ways to ground your energy, it's even better done if you can walk somewhere with bare feet. When you walk with bare feet, particularly outside, this helps to re-establish your deep connection with Mother Earth and positive electrons flow up through your feet. If you're unable to walk in bare feet, a walk in nature will still help you with connecting to the energy of the earth and it also has the benefits of cleansing and purifying your energy, whilst also getting some physical exercise, therefore helping the flow of energy within your body. I also find that when I place my hands against a tree, the energy helps to bring me back down to earth. Whilst placing your hands on the tree, you can also visualise your energy merging with the tree's energy, so that you're becoming one energy together. Tree's for me are the best teachers of how to ground your energy, as you can visualise this process wherever you are by taking yourself back to that feeling of connecting with the energy of that tree.

2) Visualise roots This is a well known way of grounding your energy and can be done anytime and anyplace. When you start practising this, begin with listening to some calming music and find somewhere relaxing or use a guided visualisation meditation. As you progress it will become easier and you'll find that you can do this wherever you are. Visualise a beautiful golden light passing in through the top of your head and moving through the centre of your being all the way down, releasing any stress you've been holding in any part of your body. As the golden light passes out through your feet and connects with the earth, visualise it turning into thick tree roots, growing deep down through the earth and spreading outwards like a Magnificent oak tree. This visualisation is excellent and I find that done daily, it can really help to anchor your energy.

Here are two meditations that talk you through the process, if you're pushed for time the 2 minute meditation is quick but effective, the 5 minute meditation is done at a slower pace and is just as effective-

2 Minute Grounding Meditation-

5 Minute Grounding Meditation-

3) Carry crystals There are quite a few different crystals which can be carried on you regularly to help with grounding your energy. I find that this is a great used alongside one of the other methods. Here are just some of the grounding crystals you can use- Black Tourmaline, Tigers Eye, Smokey Quartz, Green Moss Agate, Hematite and Red Jasper. I find that wearing one or more of them as a bracelet is a good way of easily incorporating their grounding properties into your daily life. 4) Drink water, eat root vegetables Drinking water is said to be an excellent way of grounding your energy, after any spiritual work meditations this is something I always do. The energy of water helps to keep your physical and spiritual bodies grounded. Also eating root vegetables regularly has been said to help with grounding a persons energy, of course this is a personal preference but I have felt the benefits of this. I've recently discovered that drinking ginger tea is both healthy and a great way for me to feel grounded, so if you like ginger, give it a try! This is great as it can be sipped throughout the day, and has definitely helped me to not feel so floaty and maintain a sense of connection with the earth.

5) Sage You can buy sage sticks online or from most spiritual shops, you light the end and then use the smoke to move around your body and aura. This is a great way to cleanse your energy and aura from any impurities and the energy of the sage also has a grounding effect on your energy system. It's often helpful to ask someone else to do this for you, and as they are moving the sage around your aura, you can visualise the tree roots mentioned previously growing out of your feet, to give this extra power. Grounding your energy is a very personal choice, so choose the method which suits you best. There are also some very good grounding meditations which you can listen to on YouTube like the ones mentioned above that you can find here. Try grounding every day for a week and you'll see the benefits this has on your life! Wishing you blessings, love & light Sarah Please note: This article is not intended as medical advice. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above that feel of concern to your physical heath, it is advised that you seek professional advice from a suitably qualified medical practitioner, such as a GP or Doctor.

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