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This One Simple New Years Resolution Will Help Your Year To Be Magical

Happy New Year to everyone as we move with optimism and faith into 2022!

However your year was last year, 2022 can be more positive, more abundant and more fulfilling if you do this one simple but effective action.

The one action that you could make as a new years resolution is to put time aside daily, so that you can dedicate this space to the needs of your spirit and connect with your spirit team. Your Spirit Guides and Angels are ready and waiting to connect with you, it’s just about putting the time aside and allowing yourself this chance to connect, this will help you to feel relaxed and calm which is vitally important for reducing stress. During this time your spirit team can also bring you through guidance for your life as well as spiritual healing, so that you can reach a state of balance.

I have personally struggled with dedicating time to doing this, so I know that it's not always easy! I understand how life can be so busy that we may forget about the needs of our soul, but this is a really important part of our spiritual and emotional wellbeing to keep us well.

Even if you can start with just 5 minutes a day going into a peaceful and calm mindset, this will help the levels of cortisol in your body (a stress hormone) to decrease and therefore give your body a chance to recuperate and relax. In times of stress (and even just thinking about stressful situations) we can release cortisol in our bodies, which is great if we’re in a dangerous situation as it gives us the rush of hormones that we need to escape or fight in that dangerous situation. But this stress hormone as a daily occurrence because of the stresses of life, can have a negative impact on us physically, emotionally and mentally.

So this is where your New Years resolution action step can come in, to dedicate at least 5 minutes a day to relax and be in a sense of peace and calm, with the intention of connecting with your angels and guides. The more you do this, the stronger the communication with them will become! Think of them as your spiritual coaches, they will bring you through guidance and advice on any area of your life. They cannot tell you what you should or shouldn’t do but they can advise, just as a close friend would do but coming from a much more expanded perception with much wisdom and unconditional love. If you can increase the time you spend sitting in this calm and peaceful space, that’s even better.

Some tips to help you with this include-

  • Use calming music (music can help you to automatically relax, there are certain frequencies such as theta and delta music that can assist you with meditation)

  • Aim for at least 5 minutes each day with the view of increasing this. You will often find that when you start with the intention of 5 minutes, this becomes a longer amount of time as you start to feel the benefits.

  • It’s all about building new positive habits into your daily life. Although it may take some effort to begin with, once you’ve built this as a daily habit, it’ll become easier to do and will feel a natural part of your day.

  • Go into nature if you can at least once a week, nature has a really good impact on our spiritual energy, helping to top up the vital life force energy.

  • Use a journal or notebook to write down any guidance you receive from your angels/guides. This is a good way for you to be able to look back at the guidance you received.

  • If you struggle with meditation, try using a guided meditation as this brings focus and guidance through the process.

Some people find that having a guided visualisation meditation is a great way to start building that communication with their spirit team. Here is a meditation I’ve created to support you in connecting with your angels and guides-

During the meditation it starts with an energy cleanse to help you release any negative energy you are holding onto, this also puts you in a relaxing space to be able to connect with your angels and guides. You then visit a beautiful beach house and I’ve included calming music with delta frequencies to help you reach a deep sense of relaxation.

The meditation creates a great visual experience for you to be able to connect and communicate with your guides and angels in a meeting that’s supported with the energy of Archangel Michael.

You can do this meditation as often as you like, once a week is often a good target to set to begin with, as this will enable you to receive weekly guidance from your spirit team ready for the week ahead. Although once a day would be great if you wanted to receive guidance for each day. The most important part of this is to do what is right for you enjoy the process! Try to make your goals realistic, that way you’re more likely to achieve them.

Many angel blessings to you and have a wonderful 2022!

Please feel free to join this Facebook angel group to join a community of angel lovers-

Meet your guides and angels meditation-

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