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The Hope of a Better Day

Daily guidance- 27th January 2020- Inspired by angels & spiritual helpers

What we wish talk with you today about is your human emotions, sometimes you may feel that the whole world is on top of you and you have no where left to turn, perhaps you feel overwhelmed by your earthly responsibilities and feel lost in a sea of emotions. What we wish to tell you is that emotions are like the seasons of the year, if you are going through a challenging time in your life right now, know that it is temporary and spring will be around you soon. If it were always summer, would you truly appreciate the sun? just as the seasons change, so do you as humans. You evolve through the ups and downs of life, going through different cycles of experiences. All is turning and evolving as it should and rather than focusing on the thoughts that get you down, focus on the fact that whatever situation you’re in, it is temporary and soon enough you will be feeling much happier, there is hope around the corner, be as confident in this as you are in knowing that the sun will once shine again in the sky. Life is an ever-changing scenario of events and circumstances, always flowing like a stream of possibilities and potential, you can never touch the same part of the stream again but you can embrace new experiences along the way which are even better and joyful.

Many blessings to you and may you move through the darker days of your life with hope in your heart and celebrate the happy times that are already or will be around you soon.

Written with love by Sarah Catori & The Angels



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