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The Amazing Energy of Archangel Gabriel

All About Archangel Gabriel

The name 'Gabriel' means 'God is my strength'. Part of the role that Archangel Gabriel helps with, is to assist and deliver important messages from God to individuals and humanity. As the messenger angel, Archangel Gabriel can help people and humanity to understand and translate the messages that are delivered from God so that these messages can be communicated to the world in a way that people understand. Archangel Gabriel can also help you with sending your prayers to heaven, assisting with relaying messages both to and from your loved ones and spirit. Archangel Gabriel can also assist people with any area of creativity, supporting your creativity to flow whether for work or as a hobby.

Archangel Gabriel also works very closely with children all the way through each stage of development from conception to childhood.

Throughout history Archangel Gabriel has been portrayed as female and at other times male. However, angels are neither male nor female as they are pure divine energy, so Archangel Gabriel will appear to a person in the form that best suits the individual and situation. Angels appear to humans in human form to assist with communication and forming a connection, they are a very high vibrational loving energy. Archangel Gabriel will work with you in which ever form you feel the most comfortable with.

To work with Archangel Gabriel, you can find a meditation here- 

How Archangel Gabriel Can Help


  • Bringing messages from God to people


  • Support and improving communication


  • Supporting people to write and helping writers


  • Assisting people with creativity


  • Helping parents and their children


  • Helping women with conception, pregnancy and birth


  • Helping people who work in the area of communication


Working With The Energy of Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel can assist you with any area of communication, whether it’s writing an article or essay, communicating with electrical devices or communicating with those around you in different situations. Working always with patience and peace, Archangel Gabriel will help you to make sure all communication you do is done in the best way possible with clarity, integrity and love.

Very often Archangel Gabriel works with writers, journalists and teachers to help them bring through important information to humanity from God. Archangel Gabriel also works with and supports people who are working in any career or life purpose where communication (including telecommunication) is involved and she can help communication to be truthful, clear and fair. She can also help by opening up doors of opportunity and assisting people to achieve the necessary skills and experience that they need to excel in their communication career and life purpose.

One of the roles Archangel Gabriel also takes is to work with people who are going through conception, all the way through the pregnancy and birth stage. She also works with babies, children and parents or caregivers. She can help with issues around parenting, adoption and any other situation where the wellbeing of children is involved. Archangel Gabriel will happily assist children in all ways and help parents or adults taking care of children, to bring the support and help that is needed. She can also help by bringing parents or care givers the guidance they need when teaching children and help parents to be intuitively aware and tune in with the individual sensitivities and needs of each child. This could be through helping and support parents and care givers who care for children that are extra sensitive or who may have additional needs.

Archangel Gabriel can assist the communication between adults and children, this can help children who may not always be able to verbally communicate or communicate in the traditional way. Archangel Gabriel can also help by opening up experiences and career opportunities for you if you're going into a career with children or young people.

Archangel Gabriel is often thought to resonate with the colour yellow to gold and is also often associated with all the colours in the spectrum and the sacred white ray of light. Some of the crystals/minerals that you can use to help you with connect with Archangel Gabriel’s energy are citrine, carnelian, amber, copper and clear quartz.

To connect with Archangel Gabriel, here is a Archangel Gabriel meditation-


Affirmation to work with Archangel Gabriel-

"Thank you Archangel Gabriel for bringing me the guidance I need in my life right now. Please help me to communicate my truth with clarity, integrity and love”

For more information on angels please feel free to join this Facebook angel group to join a community of angel lovers-

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