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Release The Fear That's Programming You- Archangel Metatron & Spiritual Helpers

Fear is running rampant right now in the world. People experiencing such extreme emotions that they do not realise or understand the truth, for their minds are being distracted from seeing it. The truth is that we are all eternal beings and this world is only a temporary situation that we experience for a while to assist in human and spiritual progression. Needless to say, it is still important that this earth we call home is looked after, and right now there are energies which are attempting to overturn the powers of good. Dear ones what I say to you today is to not be drawn into the mind programming that society is putting upon you, take a step back and recognise how you are truly a powerful being that has the potential to create in this world, to create goodness and beauty. The fear mongering has been going on a very long time now, yet people still get drawn into the cycles over and over again. It is now for you to take back you power, the opposite of what fear is trying to achieve. Because through fear you are open to suggestion and influence from external powers and this dis-empowers you as a spiritual being, as a person, as a soul. So step away from fear and embrace that inner power. It may be have been temporarily lost through years worth of fear and conditioning but just the intent of wanting to connect with your inner power, will see it rise once again so that you can move through the negativity which surrounds you on a daily basis and embrace spiritual truths which are and always have been within your soul. You are truth, you are power, you are free.

Begin now by closing your eyes and breathe deeply. Ask for the power of your soul to rise up in you, starting from the base of your stomach and rising in you like a flame of empowerment and joy. Allow this to rise up and wash through you, until it reaches your mouth. Then breathe out as you allow this flow to ignite your energy centres and clear away any fear based blockages, breathing them out through your mouth. Anytime you feel scared, anxious or out of control, practise doing this method to take back your power and to feel centred and grounded.

You have the ability to create your life, turn off the fearful media and focus on what you want, on what you feel your intuition is telling you. You are powerful beyond measure.

Written with love by Sarah Catori & Archangel Metatron

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