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How Archangel Raphael Can Help You In Your Life

Archangel Raphael's name means 'God heals' and he helps humanity and animals by bringing healing in many ways, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. He can also work with healers of all types by bringing through his healing energy and by opening up doors of opportunities. He can provide guidance on how healers can progress with their life purpose.

How Archangel Raphael Can Help You-

· He can assist with healing humans and animals

· He can help reduce addictions and dependencies

· He can help to support healthier living

· He can support healers on their journey

· He can help with travel and journeys

How to work with Archangel Raphael

People often experience Archangel Raphael's healing as a gentle light buzzing sensation but for others the healing can feel more intense. It's a very individual experience, some people may experience heat or coolness depending on the type of healing that's required.

How Archangel Raphael works with each person is completely unique and his energy will be sent to the areas of a person’s body, mind, emotions, aura or spirit that need balance and healing. Due to the law of free will, you will often need to ask for Archangel Raphael's healing as you will need to give him permission to work with you. This can be a simple statement such as "please assist me today Archangel Raphael with your healing energy" that can be repeated anytime you wish to receive his assistance. Once you've requested his assistance, Archangel Raphael will bring through the healing energy needed to help balance any physical imbalances you have. He can also work on a deep level to help you heal the root cause of a physical problem that could be caused by stagnant, supressed or blocked emotions or trapped spiritual energy in your energy field. All you need to do is ask him for his assistance and he will work with you to clear this away so that you can reach a state of balance and overall wellbeing.

Here is a guided meditation so you can receive Archangel Raphael’s healing and receive guidance-

Archangel Raphael can also assist you with working towards obtaining a healthier lifestyle and better eating habits. He can also support you by bringing through guidance and he may also help you to manifest the right situations and people to come into your life. Archangel Raphael is also known to help people who may struggle with dependencies and addictions of any type. You can ask him to work alongside you in your life to reduce cravings and to open up situations that allow you to live a more healthy and balanced life.

Archangel Raphael can assist you and your loved ones on a journey and whilst travelling, just ask him before you start a journey to keep you and/or your loved ones safe whilst travelling. Request that he helps you to have a safe and smooth journey, so that you reach your destination feeling calm, happy and healthy. You may find that the journey feels much calmer.

Archangel Raphael very often works alongside Archangel Michael. They work as a team, with Archangel Michael clearing away all fear-based emotions, negative energy and blocks then Archangel Raphael will bring through the healing energy that maybe needed after the lower energy has been released. If you'd like to work with Archangel Michael first to release fear and cut energy cords, here is a guided meditation-

Many people see Archangel Raphael's energy as a beautiful emerald green colour. The crystals that can help you to connect with him include most green crystals, good examples of this are Emerald and malachite.

Affirmation To Work With Archangel Raphael-

"Thank you Archangel Raphael, for surrounding me with your divine healing energy, I embrace full health and wellness in all ways"

Here is a guided meditation to help you work with Archangel Raphael-

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