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Embrace Your Light

Right now on the planet, we’re going through many changes and the energy is shifting massively. The message today is to not allow the darkness and negativity to overwhelm you. This may sound challenging but the truth is we are all light, it is the essence of who we truly are, and the negativity can be overcome by embracing this light.

Part of our purpose for experiencing a human life, is to discover this light amidst the darkness and negativity.

You may have also incarnated on this planet at this time to help create change and to spread this light throughout the world.

Very often part of a soul’s mission during this life can be to create wonderful changes and to lighten the hearts and minds of others. This doesn’t necessarily mean being well known or doing big acts, rather it can be as simple as the interactions and conversations that we have on a daily basis with others. Sometimes light workers can be put in public facing roles or they may find themselves in certain situations, where they are able to be an unknown angel to strangers and animals, through the words they say or simply through the energy vibration they spread out to the world. Lightworkers of course come in many different forms and may have various experiences and encounters.

If you’re struggling lately with knowing what your purpose is, take some time out to connect with your inner spirit and dedicate time for you. Life can be so busy and often our own needs can be pushed aside. For many people it is spiritual wellbeing that is the forgotten about part to be pushed aside, or seen as less important as we become consumed with the physicality and daily demands of our earthly existence. But more than ever, it’s important for you to awaken to your soul’s mission! So start to prioritise your spiritual time, so that you can give your soul the love and attention that is needed to help you tap into your inner creativity and whispers of guidance from your soul.

I’ve created this meditation for this purpose, to help you embrace the divine life force Creator energy, and in doing so you will find that this helps to activate your light, connect with your higher soul and therefore tune in to the true calling of what you’re here to do. There is also a healing part, so that we can send out healing energy to the world and everyone upon her, this is done through sending light out on the healing grid that covers the earth.

Many blessings to you and have a wonderful day!

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