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Channeling From The Angels

Channeling From Archangels Metatron, Michael, Zadkeil & Spiritual Team

Today we wish to talk to you about the way in which you’ve been moving through life. We understand that there can be many challenges on the way through life and this is all part of the human existence but we do also understand the suffering you must sometimes endure whilst you’re here.

What we say to you today, is to take some time to really focus on where you’re headed and the thoughts and feelings that take up the space in your mind, body and soul. What kind of vibration do they transmit? Are they loving and nurturing or are they lower based energies such as fear, anger, frustration, worry or anything else that lowers your energy.

The reason we talk with you about this today is because there is a big movement happening around the world now to lighten the energy and to help people become free from the lower energy and vibration that the people of the earth once experienced. We/you are coming to a time of freedom; freedom of speech, freedom to express joy and love.

Trust in the process of life and know that whatever happens, your spiritual helpers really do have you supported, although we realise it may not always seem so because where your human experiences are concerned, we can only become so involved.

But and please know this is a big but, we really do have your soul embraced in the comfort and safety of love and light, we support your spiritual progression as you move through each time-bound experience in this life time.

When you do return home you will understand more of what we speak, but for now focus on improving your connection with the light energy and on evolving to express your true soul, you were born to live a life of love and to rise above any concerns.

You will find your way and you will connect with that inner self once again, and when you do, you will understand that all is not what it seems in the world. Behind the chaos is actually more order than one may think.

We leave you with some positive words of love, of trust and of peace. Go forward dear souls and engage in behaviours and experiences that lift your soul with joy, laughter and enlightenment, we love you dearly and are here for you, right by your side to help you when the going gets tough.

Much love wisdom and blessings being sent your way, your spiritual team including Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Zadkeil

Meditations to help your soul-

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