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Archangel Michael & Spiritual Helpers Channeled Message of Hope

24th February 2020

Dear ones what we wish to speak with you about today is the way in which situations are happening around you, the way in which the world is turning. It is another message today to bring you through words of peace, of happiness, of hope. Do not fear, let the fear go and you will feel a sense of freedom.

Believe in your own abilities and do not let anything hold you back from achieving what is in you mind, heart and soul. You must realise now that it is time to release all the layers of fear, free yourself dear one from the shackles that keep you locked into a lower reality, and you will find that you feel such freedom, such joy.

Know that we are truly here for you, but you must also do some work yourself to understand what we speak. Take time to nurture your soul, to release the past conditioning that society has placed upon you which has kept you locked into a fearful state of being. Dear one this is not your true self! You are not a being a fear, but one of light, of love, of joy, of compassion and of pure and unadulterated hope. Hope for humanity and hope for the earth. This is why you are here, to help the world and all souls within it, to move to a place of peace, a place of harmony. But that starts with you, that starts with the way you view your world, your perceptions and your beliefs. Switch of any negativity and focus on the love and light that surrounds you now. Raise above fearful thoughts. Know and trust that everything which concerns you will be resolved, shine pure divine light on any situation and the highest of good will be done.

We speak to you from a place of love. A place of pure divine peace; you know this peace, you know this love as you have felt this before many, many times. You ARE this love, you are this peace and anytime that you feel fearful or scared, know that this is the truth! You are love. And as you connect more with this within you, you will transcend the lower energies of earthly life.

You are safe dear souls! You are safe in this love that always is around you, we are always around you. Your soul is always safe in this divine and unconditional love, there is no need to ever fear. May you feel the love we bring you today, may these words touch your soul so deep that you feel the safety that our light brings to you. You are loved, more than you can ever comprehend during your earthly existence.

Take this love and use it as a candle of light to pass to others, to light the way to the light inside of others, one by one the love and peace will spread to create harmony. May the Divine bless you dear spirits of light!

Channeled by Sarah Catori

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