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When I give readings I work in a psychic and intuitive way to read the energy around you, the angel cards assist in this process and help to bring you guidance and empowerment from the angels. As I am working on a high vibration, the readings I give are always very loving and positive, they can help you to see a way forward and give you more clarity on different areas of your life.


Some areas I often cover include- life purpose, career, emotions, spiritual blocks, relationships, home life, past lives, spiritual energy and manifesting. I can also give you advice on all areas of energy management, such as psychic/energy protection and cleansing.


You can ask as many questions as you like during your reading, although I cannot diagnose medical conditions nor give financial advice due to legal restrictions.


The different types of readings I offer include-

Facebook Messenger Readings- we will arrange a time and day that is suitable for us both and this is done through messaging on Facebook messenger. The reading is for an hour and during this time you can ask as many questions as you like, I also do a full celtic cross spread. After payment I will make contact with you to make arrangements. 

Email Readings- After payment I will request a photo and will use this to tune into your energy. I will also ask you about any questions or areas that you would like covered for your reading. I do a full celtic cross spread which consists of 10 cards and this reading tends to be around 2000 words, sometimes more depending on the information that comes through.

Empowering, Intuitive and Inspiring Angel Readings Via Facebook Messenger or Email

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